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Tough, Smart Defense Against DUI Charges And Traffic Offenses

Because so many Americans drive regularly, driving crimes and traffic infractions are how they are likely to interact with the criminal justice system. Drunk driving is an especially common crime, and it often comes with serious consequences.

If you’ve been charged with DUI or a traffic offense in Chicago or elsewhere in Cook County, the firm to call is the Law Office of Samuel Jackson III, LLC. Mr. Jackson’s entire practice is devoted to criminal defense, and he has a strong commitment to both client service and client success.

You May Have More Options Than You Think When Addressing DUI/DWI Charges

Many people assume that a DUI arrest is almost a guaranteed conviction – especially if the police have evidence of a failed breathalyzer test. But there are ways to contest the charges and challenge the evidence. Just a few examples include:

  • Checking service records for the breathalyzer used in your test to see if it was overdue for maintenance and calibration
  •  Challenging the validity of the traffic stop itself (did the officer have a legitimate reason to pull you over?)
  •  Challenging the officer’s interpretation of field sobriety tests

Even if you choose not to contest the charges outright, you may have a number of options for resolving the charges more favorably than with a simple guilty plea. Attorney Jackson may be able to help you seek participation in one of the Deferred Prosecution Programs offered in Illinois. These alternative sentencing options stress rehabilitation and treatment rather than simple punishment.

The bottom line is simple: You won’t know what your options are until you discuss your case with an experienced defense attorney like Samuel Jackson.

Is An Attorney Necessary For Traffic Violations?

Most people wouldn’t think to hire an attorney to help them resolve a traffic violation like speeding or disobeying a traffic sign. They’d rather just pay the fine and get on with their life. But it is important to remember that each traffic violation adds points to your driver’s license, and the points stay on your record for four to five years. Accumulate enough points and you could lose your license. Your insurance rates will likely also go up for each conviction (and paying the fine is considered pleading guilty, which counts as a conviction).

Strictly speaking, you aren’t required to hire a lawyer for traffic tickets. But it is often a good idea that could save you money in the long run by reducing fines, surcharges and increased insurance rates.

Get Help With Your DUI Or Traffic Charges Today

Located in Chicago, the Law Office of Samuel Jackson III, LLC, serves criminal defense clients throughout Cook County. If you’d like to learn more about how attorney Jackson can help you resolve your DUI/DWI charges or traffic violations, call the firm at 773-352-7799 or fill out an online contact form.