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Quality Defense Representation That’s Also Affordable

In the American criminal justice system, we are all supposed to have equal rights and protections. But in practice, those who can afford high-quality legal representation typically have a greater chance of achieving a successful outcome. Thankfully, there are some private practice defense attorneys who believe that money shouldn’t be the difference between conviction and acquittal.

That’s a driving philosophy behind the Law Office of Samuel Jackson III, LLC. Attorney Samuel Jackson III is a Chicago native devoted to serving his community, including giving more clients access to skilled criminal defense. Mr. Jackson comes highly recommended by former clients, and he has been selected for inclusion in the prestigious Super Lawyers list of Rising Stars 2020–2022.

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The Personalized Service You Need And Deserve

Since 2013, Mr. Jackson has been entirely focused on providing criminal defense representation to clients in Chicago and throughout Cook County. When you hire him, you can be sure that he is knowledgeable about and experienced in this area of law.

Additionally, he works hard to treat each client and each case with the respect and attention they deserve. An arrest can occur at any time of day or night, so Mr. Jackson strives to be accessible to clients around the clock. He also treats each case uniquely and takes a personalized approach based on the facts and evidence. The result is a tailored legal strategy designed to help you resolve your charges in the most favorable manner available.

Learn More During An Initial Consultation

Whether you have been criminally charged or are seeking representation for a loved one, the best way to learn how the firm can help is to schedule an initial consultation. To get started, call the Chicago office at 773-352-7799 or fill out the firm’s online contact form.